TAXI – because it’s difficult to hail a taxi off the street, it’s recommended to get a taxi from the various taxi stands that are found throughout the city (known as “ranks”). All taxis have a large yellow and blue roof-sign, and can be found outside major hotels, bus & train stations, and prime areas (including shopping centers).



Taxi fares are set by local regulations and posted in each vehicle. These are typical taxi fares in downtown Dublin: The starting fare for the first kilometer (2/3 mile) is €4.10 by day and €4.45 at night. For the next 14km (8 2/3 miles) the fare is €1.03 per kilometer by day, €1.35 by night, rising to a maximum of €1.77 per kilometer thereafter. You will instead be charged an equivalent price per minute in slow traffic (which runs a minimum €.36 during the day, up to a maximum of €.63 at night). It costs an extra €2 if you order a cab by phone, with €1 extra per passenger.


For those who want to phone a taxi, these are some of the taxi companies that operate in Dublin:


Autobahn Cabs: +353 1 842 4444

Dublin Blue Cabs: +353 1 802 2222

Eight Twenty Cabs: +353 1 820 2020

KCR Taxis: +353 1 492 2233

National Radio Cabs: +353 1 677 2222

VIP Taxis Dublin: +353 1 478 3333

Xpert taxis Ltd.: +353 1 667 0777